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HR SIMPLEX is digital recruitment and consulting. It automatically generates requirement profiles and insertions via the Job Wizard; combines all active and passive sourcing elements and consolidates them into a Perfect Match. The HR SIMPLEX Web App provides 24/7 access to project progress. All interactions are permanently monitored and supported by experienced recruiters.

The Cash Back guarantee applies if the project is not filled after two months.


HR SIMPLEX combines the expert knowledge and services of a renowned recruitment consultancy with a unique AI-supported sourcing technology. The perfect match is achieved through a parsing and matching technology that includes all active and passive sourcing elements. Research and skills management is mapped via leading global partners; all rounded off by our extensive network as an established recruitment consultancy.  
HR SIMPLEX is the ideal partner for both SMEs and corporations to ensure efficient and transparent recruitment processes while minimizing costs and risks.
Cost Reduction
Risk Transformation
Job Wizard
Insertion Generator
Create job postings in no time at all; the unique Job Wizard has data from over 2500 successfully filled vacancies and selects the perfect text modules for your requirements, gives you forecasts on entry probabilities, durations and salaries.

The Job Wizard also has a ChatGPT plug-in. Revolutionize your recruitment efforts by using AI-driven texts that excite potential candidates.
Insertion Management
via Market Leaders
As an experienced and established recruitment partner, HR SIMPLEX translates the requirement profiles you define in the Job Wizard into successful campaigns.

The HR SIMPLEX method combines, implements and consolidates all active and passive sourcing elements and thus achieves full market penetration.
HR UNIVERSAL recruitment consultants with many years of experience support clients in their search for the "perfect match". Thanks to various proven recruitment processes and the use of our own highly developed sourcing technologies, the right employees are found for open positions.
Due to comprehensive measures and many years of market experience, filling your position is almost guaranteed. If, contrary to expectations, your position is not filled after a period of two months, the CashBack guarantee of 50%.


HR UNIVERSAL supports many well-known, established companies throughout Germany, most of which are leaders in their genre, in the following sectors
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Banks and Insurance Companies
Animal Parks
Foundations and Associations
Sports Clubs
Education Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

HR Simplex is HR consulting and recruitment - only digital. It combines traditional approaches and methods and also uses intelligent connection points. This means that advertisements can be created fully automatically and efficiently, job postings with market leaders can be ensured without manual effort and the associated active sourcing can also be mapped digitally and without major effort. The digital and intelligent helpers also make the service more cost-effective.
The digital and intelligent helpers also make the service cheaper.
No. It is a software-supported, digital recruitment tool that carries out interactions independently via a customer-side web app and allows the user to get in touch with the classic personnel consultancy, or to request support from HR SIMPLEX agents.
The offer is aimed at customers who have to fill at least five vacancies a year.
Absolutely. While master vendor solutions tie up resources and capital, the HR SIMPLEX solution is more agile, more transparent and can be used on an equal footing; up to 100 placements per year.
Initially, the position is advertised like any other, but is then provided with a separate contract when filled via temporary employment and credited back to the account; recruitment is therefore free of charge. Amortization then takes place over a period of at least six months with subsequent free transfer of personnel.
HR Simplex is a web application without any system requirements or necessary installations. Interfaces to all common personnel administration systems can be created or adapted.
As HR SIMPLEX is a web application, you only need a suitable (and up-to-date) web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge) to be able to use HR SIMPLEX to its full extent.


With branches in three of the most important major cities HR UNIVERSAL is optimally positioned to meet the requirements in personnel recruitment.
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