Your benefits
in a nutshell

Always one step ahead. With HR SIMPLEX you enjoy decisive competitive advantages in the recruitment of new employees. Budget friendly, transparent, personal and highly efficient.


We translate your requirements profile into suitable and effective search parameters and take care of all application management tasks, including pre-selection, correspondence, and any rejections. Entrust HR Simplex with the timeintensive administrative work that all job searches entail. Let our experienced team handle application intake, rejections, or the statutory documentation requirements.


Your search advert will be published online on all national and international job portals on the same day, and checked against our current candidate pool and available social media networks. Experience shows that this will attract many interesting and interested applications immediately. A backbone of our success: The effective ranking of the adverts published on behalf of our clients.


HR Simplex offers large contingents at small costs: A solution for immediate and clearly budgeted recruitment projects. Lean, technology-driven processes allow HR Simplex to streamline recruitment and offer attractive conditions. Our partnerships with the leading job platforms enable us to pass on favourable advertising conditions.


With our long-standing ties with partners in the industry and our extensive network of multipliers across the economy, our established team of specialists can reach a vast pool of promising potential.


Effective advertising: As your experienced recruiting partner, HR Simplex will translate your chosen requirements profile into a successful search. Meet the expectations of the candidates you want to reach with search ads designed and customized according to your standards.


Employer Branding: The entire project can be branded to match your corporate identity if you wish – Benefit from the added visibility and add to the value of your brand.


You will witness the entire search process, online and as it happens. Get current status updates, contact applicants directly, or follow the progress of your project in real time.


A recruitment process entails many legal risks and obligations. As your conscientious partner, HR Simplex will take over responsibility in all of these concerns.


Advice and support for contract negotiations between candidates and employers are available whenever you need them.


Our academically qualified experts apply their occupational aptitude diagnostics capabilities based on the Bochum Inventory (Module BIP).


The entire recruitment process is mapped using our sophisticated software. The customer also does not need a printer or a piece of paper. This not only saves costs and time, but also protects our environment.


The customer determines the scope of our services. Both our software and our team of experts adapt flexibly to this.