The perfect Process

Accurate: IT search process and human expertise

We do not want to find the best, but the right one for you among the best.
That’s why we have not only optimized the algorithms of our IT, but also continue to
also on the resource man and his knowledge. Our recruiting specialists
find on the basis of experience, knowledge of human nature and their competencies
from countless profiles on the market the right one for you.


Digital project planning

Within the framework of a virtual briefing, we jointly develop your individual recruiting strategy.

Based on your requirements, we will work with you to define all the details for the best way to fill your vacancy. In doing so, we take over all administrative tasks for you as well as responsibility for the entire process.

In addition to ad placement, our team of experts takes into account all the important sources of the market in the context of active sourcing right from the start. In doing so, we make use of all relevant networks as well as our internal candidate pool.


Targeted campaign

A large number of highly qualified applications is ensured by our tailor-made advertisement development, in combination with a comprehensive search with high market penetration.


Job advertisement development and employer branding

We make sure that your requirements are brought to the market in a precisely formulated form. You decide whether you want us to use your logo for even better market penetration.


Job advertisement placement on all major job portals and social networks

Within the framework of a “same-day policy” we ensure that your vacancy is presented in the best possible way and that suitable candidates are addressed in a targeted manner. Here, too, we take over the complete administration for you.


Receipt of application + active sourcing + candidate pool

Our team of experts actively approaches suitable candidates on the market parallel to processing the incoming applications. In doing so, we draw on all important media networks as well as on our pool of applicants that has grown over the years. The goal: to find the right person and the best.


Qualified preselection and administration

Our experienced and highly qualified recruiting team sifts through incoming applications on the same day and checks them for their accuracy of fit. We contact suitable candidates immediately.

In the course of comprehensive interviews we get a precise picture of the experience, skills and all other important information. Of course, the focus here is on the accuracy of fit of the candidates to your vacancy and your company.


The final decision is up to you

Throughout the entire process you have full transparency regarding the respective candidates and the status quo.

In the end, only you make the decision whether and at what time you would like to invite which candidate(s) for a personal meeting.