Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The other option is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), which is mainly used by large companies and corporations. Here, the entire recruitment process or parts of it are outsourced to recruiting service providers, who then guarantee that positions are filled on time. RPO can be used to optimum effect for the personnel ramp-up in the context of projects or for new production lines or locations. In other words, whenever it is foreseeable that the need for recruitment is largely only temporary.

Third-party selection also brings the advantage of a different, objective perspective in personnel selection. The entire personnel marketing and market research are carried out by the recruitment service provider, which covers many time-consuming and costly activities. The requirements are met if the service provider delivers a pre-selection of suitable candidates in the course of the process. Smaller companies have not been able to do this until now due to the lead costs that such a project entails. The HR SIMPLEX recruiting process meets all of these requirements and can function as a small-footprint RPO task force, e.g. for the larger SMEs or national industry leaders. The main advantage is its transparency and the low, traceable unit costs, reducing overhead, such as tied-up resources, long commitments, high installation costs or many other expenses typically incurred in the process.


With the application, recruiters can decide independently and in real time which requirements and tasks should be assigned via the platform.

The HR SIMPLEX dashboard allows recruiters to book all additional recruitment services or even outsource entire projects. Thanks to its permanent overview, they can intervene events or communication at any time. As part of of the “same-day” policy, the following is published in the leading insertion media…


After the economic crisis of 2008 onwards, more and more personnel service providers established themselves and benefited from increased demand for personnel from companies returning to growth and stability.

Due to their overcapitalization, they built up in-house personnel departments and complete HR structures over time, causing a large number of mandates for routine standard staffing to simply fall away. Complex and time-consuming searches for potential…


The profound changes in the labor markets call for recruitment processes to be reimagined. Successful enterprises today are more digital, more efficient, more transparent, with optimized processes and lower costs.

In a research and development process spanning many years, we have embraced the changes in the market. In cooperation with software specialists, psychologists and our academically trained HR experts, we have developed an intelligent…