We have combined self-learning algorithms with classic HR consulting and thus reinventing the recruitment process. With HR SIMPLEX, you can independently decide which parts or projects to release. HR SIMPLEX is not only a cost-saving alternative e-recruiting method but also more effective due to its broad and digital range of services.

The HR SIMPLEX e-recruiting method combines digitally supported, simplified and accelerated processes and maximum digitalization. HR SIMPLEX offers a unique combination of self-learning algorithms and human expertise of our HR experts. The focus of the process is on the ideal combination of knowledge and technology. The specialized know-how of our HR experts can thus stand out in its niche with the innovative and unique process-based digital support and offer a unique digital service.

HR SIMPLEX structures requirements, generates precise profiles, reads social media platforms in a targeted manner, matches talent pools and takes into account industrial multipliers that say otherwise. In combination with intelligent insertion management, which is created by keyword targeting from the abstraction of over 3,000 insertions, HR SIMPLEX filters potentials and generates a broader selection of talent. During the recruitment process, we offer you not only a precise selection of talents but also a fully automated evaluation of all insertion media in terms of impressions, clicks and success.

In the HR SIMPLEX dashboard, clients have 24/7 access to information on the daily workflow and can influence the process in real-time. At any time, it is possible to enter into direct communication with the applicants or to make immediate appointments with individual potentials.

HR SIMPLEX offers a cloud of 3,100 templates of historical data of all successful placements to date, from which new job descriptions can be generated; thus levelling the effort towards zero. This makes it possible to make reliable predictions about the probability of a perfect match. As part of the same-day-policy, the levelling of all administrative processes is also taken over without any loss of quality or reputation.

HR SIMPLEX provides comprehensive evaluation tools on region, activity and job-related genres. Via the HR SIMPLEX dashboard, you can find out about annual target salaries and active sourcing performance and results to date; view and track the performance of insertions on market-leading job boards, Stepstone and Indeed; and initiate the entire process yourself, as the self-learning and intelligent algorithm means that much can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Thus, insertions and recruitments can also be carried out independently.

Our experts accompany, monitor and control all digital processes; conduct interviews and thus ensure your perfect match. The entire process is mapped digitally, which also means that conventional correspondence can be dispensed in an environment-friendly manner. As a value-oriented partner, we can also guarantee a transfer of risk, which means that we do not only work more efficiently and intelligently but also more digitally than traditional HR consulting agencies.

Due to the acceleration and simplification of recruiting measures, the quality of the search process has increased. HR SIMPLEX is thus ahead of its time due to process optimization and guarantees a digital process combined with the expertise of our recruiting team.


Digitalization, efficiency, transparency as well as process optimization and cost reduction are the requirements of our time – HR SIMPLEX is the solution.

The perfect

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – allows you to solve personnel issues in the shortest possible time in a way that fits your needs and is easy on your budget.

Active Sourcing

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – allows you to solve personnel issues in the shortest possible time in a way that fits your needs and is easy on your budget.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

HR SIMPLEX as a small RPO solution enables even medium-sized companies to outsource HR matters. No company lock-in, cost-saving, efficient and transparent.

Advantages at
a glance

Budget-friendly, transparent, personal and highly efficient – Digital Recruitment.

Digital Recruitment

Digital recruitment – quality enhancement through innovative methods and in-depth knowledge.