Digital Recruitment

Digital recruitment – quality enhancement through innovative methods and in-depth knowledge.

The profound change in the labor market also required an adaptation of the recruitment industry in order to continue to provide clients with ideal staffing. Modern recruitment has become more complex and requires innovative methods as well as profound expert knowledge in order to prove an economic added value. Only with the help of an explicit recruitment strategy can an immediate ideal staffing be targeted. HR SIMPLEX digital recruitment enables process-supported recruiting, which offers a shortened time-to-hire due to the combination of self-learning algorithms with specific knowledge of our HR agents. The HR SIMPLEX method thus enables companies to gain a competitive advantage by searching and matching at top speed. All Active and Passive Sourcing elements are combined, implemented and condensed, achieving full market penetration.

The automated processes, controlled by our expert team, ensure not only an accelerated digital recruitment process, but also a more accurate selection of candidates. The HR SIMPLEX method structures requirements, generates precise profiles, reads social media platforms in a targeted manner, filters by category and matches the internal talent pool – with the help of smart ad management and active sourcing to ideally fill vacancies.

Suitable talents are approached personally and in a targeted manner by the HR SIMPLEX Agent:in order to bring about an increase in quality through early retention. HR SIMPLEX’s digital recruitment service not only reduces idle time, but also increases the productivity of companies through the software-supported selection of ideally suited candidates.


Digitalization, efficiency, transparency as well as process optimization and cost reduction are the requirements of our time – HR SIMPLEX is the solution.


HR SIMPLEX – the unique combination of self-learning algorithms and human expertise.

E-Recruiting – The smart way to recruit staff.

The perfect process

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – allows you to solve personnel issues in the shortest possible time in a way that fits your needs and is easy on your budget.

Active Sourcing

Find the ideal match using unique sourcing technology. Your Perfect Match – creating competitive advantages through the perfect mix of experience and industry knowledge.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

HR SIMPLEX as a small RPO solution enables even medium-sized companies to outsource HR matters. No company lock-in, cost-saving, efficient and transparent.

Advantages at a glance

Budget-friendly, transparent, personal and highly efficient – Digital Recruitment.