Cost and
risk minimization

Outsourcing risks, reducing costs, keeping a firm eye on the budget,
always up to date, a professional appearance
and make the final decision in principle by themselves – with
HR Simplex on the safe side!

Professional appearance
for your vacancy

Your vacancy perfectly presented

We ensure a professional appearance of your vacancy – from the job advertisement on the appropriate platforms to the presentation to the applicants.

Candidate preselection

Finding the right and the best

With the help of HR SIMPLEX specialists with many years of experience, supported by intelligent algorithms in the software, you always receive pre-qualified candidate proposals.


Success counts

Costs are incurred for the use of HR SIMPLEX. Compared to conventional personnel consultancies, however, they are particularly budget friendly due to our unique technology. Moreover, they are only incurred in full if your vacancy is successfully filled.

Monitoring of
the whole process

Maximum transparency – always

HR SIMPLEX offers you maximum transparency – from the job advertisement to the presentation of appropriate candidates. You have the possibility to intervene in the process at any time, for example by contacting your consultant via chat.

The Decision
is up to you

yes or no

The final decision is basically up to the customer.
Only you decide on the filling of the vacancy.

We take over
the responsibility


HR SIMPLEX also assumes responsibility with regard to legal obligations and complies with them throughout the recruitment process.