Active Sourcing

Full employment still prevails; the principle of “Post & Pray” has long been outdated and often does not lead to the goal. The change to an employee market has contributed to the fact that successful as well as sustainable filling of a vacancy has become a major challenge.

Active sourcing, formerly known as headhunting or still called direct search, is a decisive instrument of central recruiting in times of the “war for talents”. It comprises the active search for suitable candidates, the individual approach and the establishment of a long-term relationship with the applicants, including the maintenance of a talent pool. Candidates are approached via all communication media and global social media channels and with the involvement of the national and international network. Through professional research in the respective genre and simultaneous use of international multipliers from the sectors of industry, finance and services, a penetration of the relevant candidate market is achieved.

Active sourcing, however, ties up a lot of resources, is time-consuming and requires appropriate know-how. By outsourcing to a personnel consultancy, it is possible to optimize the company’s own resources and thus concentrate on strategic personnel management and core business. In addition, recruiting specialists with many years of experience reach a large number of qualified candidates within a very short time due to their relevant experience and extensive networking and can thus ensure the ideal filling of a respective vacancy. In this context, the perspective of a third party in the selection process should not be neglected.

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Active Sourcing with HR SIMPLEX


Digital briefing

Using our HR SIMPLEX dashboard, you can conveniently send us the job profile and other important details of the vacancy online.


Recruiting strategy

Our team of experts develops a targeted recruiting strategy based on information you provide. This includes the creation of a requirements profile and the definition of relevant keywords for an optimal candidate search.


Active search & individual approach

Our recruiting specialists then conduct a targeted search for suitable applicants on the leading career networks Xing and LinkedIn and match the requirements of the position with the qualifications of candidates as closely as possible. This is followed by a personal and individual approach to potential candidates.


The result

Candidate feedback is captured by our recruiters, after which candidate profiles are submitted via our HR SIMPLEX dashboard. As part of the master access, you can both track the progress of active sourcing at any time and access the recruited candidates.