The profound change in the labour markets require an adaptation of the recruitment process. Digitalization, efficiency, transparency as well as process optimization and cost reduction are the requirements of our time.

As a digital HR consultancy, we have developed an intelligent, self-learning algorithm in cooperation with software specialists, psychologists and our academically trained HR experts. Based on this smart IT technology, HR issues are solved in a timely and accurate manner.

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – gives the possibility to solve personnel questions within the shortest time accurately and budget-saving. The focus is on optimizing the personnel recruitment process in terms of efficiency and costs. The HR SIMPLEX method combines, implements and condenses active and passive sourcing elements and thus achieves full market penetration.

In the HR SIMPLEX dashboard, orderers can view 24/7, get information about the daily updated workflow and influence the process in real-time.  At any point in time, it is possible to enter into direct communication with applicants or make appointments with individual potentials immediately.

As part of the same-day policy, the vacancy is published in leading insertion media – at four different times. Furthermore, all active and passive sourcing elements are included in the recruitment process. The vacancy is thus managed in a highly qualified manner and supported by experienced, academically trained personnel consultants.

The final decision remains with the client. This makes it easier for companies to issue search orders, mandates and recruitment projects that they cannot or do not want to provide at the moment or permanently due to time constraints or other competence commitments – a make-or-buy decision.

This process guarantees the highest quality and a maximum transparency. Outsourcing vacancies to HR SIMPLEX generates an enormous financial reduction in terms of process costs. All risk and administration transfers as well as the time-consuming upstream and downstream processes are handled by HR SIMPLEX.


HR SIMPLEX – the unique combination of self-learning algorithms and human expertise.

E-Recruiting – The smart way to recruit staff.

The perfect

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – allows you to solve personnel issues in the shortest possible time in a way that fits your needs and is easy on your budget.

Active Sourcing

Find the ideal match using unique sourcing technology. Your Perfect Match – creating competitive advantages through the perfect mix of experience and industry knowledge.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

HR SIMPLEX as a small RPO solution enables even medium-sized companies to outsource HR matters. No company lock-in, cost-saving, efficient and transparent.

Advantages at
a glance

Budget-friendly, transparent, personal and highly efficient – Digital Recruitment.

Digital Personnel Consulting

More agile, more dynamic, more transparent – optimally supported in filling your vacancy with the HR SIMPLEX method.