Key Facts

Discover the most important facts about digital recruitment with HR SIMPLEX

The perfect process

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – gives you the opportunity to solve personnel issues within the shortest possible time and in a precision-targeted and budget-friendly manner. The focus is on optimizing the recruitment process in terms of efficiency and costs. The HR SIMPLEX method combines, condenses, and applies active and passive Sourcing elements for full market penetration.

Digital HR consulting

More agile, more dynamic, more transparent – with the HR SIMPLEX method, you benefit from our highly qualified and experienced team of experts providing you with optimal support for filling your vacancies, using our innovative software and incorporating all key active and passive sourcing elements..

Cost and risk minimization

Outsourcing vacancies to HR SIMPLEX can free up enormous financial resources in terms of client-side process costs. All risk and administration needs as well as the time-consuming upstream and downstream processes are taken over by HR SIMPLEX.


With HR SIMPLEX, you enjoy decisive competitive advantages in the digital recruitment of new employees. Budget-friendly, transparent, personal, and highly efficient.

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