Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is another strategic recruitment approach which is mostly implemented in large industries. The HR SIMPLEX method ties in ideally with this approach with its dashboard solution. To enable smaller companies without the need for global RPO projects to outsource personnel matters, HR SIMPLEX acts as a small RPO unit. Without long company commitment and cost-saving by eliminating high set-up, head and start-up costs. HR SIMPLEX serves as a method for outsourcing small contingents to an established HR consultancy to fill vacancies ideally and efficiently. 

With the HR SIMPLEX method, we have made it our task, in contrast to traditional and global RPOs, to impose neither long commitments nor high installation costs and other expenses on smaller companies with small contingents of personnel outsourcing. Thus, this form of RPO is especially suitable for smaller as well as medium-sized companies or start-ups. HR SIMPLEX is ahead of its time and guarantees the ideal combination of human expertise and machine abstraction as a cost-saving deployment option.

The advantage of this smaller RPO process is focused on transparency, cost as well as risk minimization and flexibility. As a small RPO, HR SIMPLEX can enable purely project-based recruiting, allowing companies to avoid years of corporate lock-in. Therefore, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is ideal during personnel ramp-up in context of projects, new production lines as well as locations or whenever it is foreseeable that the need for recruiting is mostly temporary.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing at HR SIMPLEX enables companies not only to minimize recruitment costs but also to optimize workforce planning through transparent and analytical insight into all processes. In addition, RPO recruitment can be seen as a sustainable HR sourcing method, as vacancies in key positions are prevented and the employer brand is strengthened in the long term due to smooth transitions.

HR SIMPLEX combines, with the help of highly specialized experts and the application of self-learning algorithms, all the services of a renowned HR consultancy with a unique sourcing technology, thus enabling maximum efficiency in the selection process of new employees. The RPO recruiters take over all tasks during the recruitment process, from consulting, to approaching suitable applicants through active and passive sourcing methods, to accompanying both parties in the onboarding process. By combining the different sourcing methods with the self-learning algorithms of HR SIMPLEX, our experts can find the perfect match for your company and strive for full market penetration. By taking over the automatic and administrative processing, a risk transfer, as well as high transparency in the recruitment process, is guaranteed.

Furthermore, with HR UNIVERSAL’s RPO Recruitment, companies gain access to specialized know-how, many years of experience in traditional HR consulting and insights into the internal talent pool. All these advantages allow more efficient work and a more flexible recruitment process that delivers measurable results.

Recruiting via external third parties also brings the advantage of a different, objective perspective in personnel selection. The service provider takes over the entire personnel marketing and market research, thus eliminating many time-consuming and costly activities. The RPO recruiters of HR SIMPLEX deliver a pre-selection of suitable candidates that meet your requirements. Smaller companies have not been able to do this because of the head costs involved in such a project.

The process of HR SIMPLEX’s RPO is based on structured requirements. HR SIMPLEX reads social media platforms in a target-oriented way, filters potentials by categories and matches potential applicants with the internal talent pool. This means: HR SIMPLEX directly provides precisely fitting candidates from the snapshot of the market in abstraction to other clients. With this new form of intelligent advertisement management, precise profiles of potentials are created, whereupon key facts are worked out under exact examination of weaknesses and strengths and the respective CVs are processed. This not only saves an immense amount of time in the screening process but also enables vacancies to be filled more advantageously.

With the help of our in-house same-day-policy, orders are immediately and conscientiously implemented and published on the same day. The professional advice thus also aims at a higher value of the insertions.

The HR SIMPLEX process thus accelerates, simplifies and reduces the cost of the entire recruitment process outsourcing process.

Active Sourcing

Find the ideal match using unique sourcing technology. Your Perfect Match – creating competitive advantages through the perfect mix of experience and industry knowledge.

The perfect process

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – allows you to solve personnel issues in the shortest possible time in a way that fits your needs and is easy on your budget.

Advantages at a glance

Budget-friendly, transparent, personal and highly efficient – Digital Recruitment.

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