Recruitment 4.0

The profound change in labour markets requires an adjustment of the recruitment process. The buzzwords of our time surround us everywhere today – digitalization, efficiency, transparency as well as process optimization and cost reduction.

The changes in the market have resulted in the need for a revolution in recruitment.
Risk Transformation
Budget Saving
Cost Reduction
Recruitment 4.0
Process Optimization

What is

HR SIMPLEX combines, with the help of highly specialized experts and the application of state-of-the-art algorithms, all the services of a renowned personnel consultancy with a unique sourcing technology and is therefore the ideal partner for both medium-sized companies and corporations to ensure efficient and transparent recruiting processes while minimizing costs and risks.

More potential
with innovative

The HR Simplex technology combines, integrates, and amplifies all advantages of active and passive sourcing for unbeatable market coverage: It structures job requirements, defines accurate profiles, reaches out to the right people with intelligent advertising, gleans the very best information from social media platforms, filters it by categories, and checks our internal candidate pools.

The essential maxim of commercial success still holds true: Grow intelligently and capture markets immediately. Our speed gives you the edge.

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Perfect Process

We do not want to find the best, but the right one for you among the best. That is why we have not only optimised the algorithms of our IT, but also continue to rely on the resource of people and their knowledge. Our recruiting specialists will find the right one for you based on experience, knowledge of human nature and their skills from countless profiles on the market.

Digital Personnel

More agile, more flexible, more dynamic – with the HR SIMPLEX – method you benefit from our highly qualified and experienced team of experts, who, with the help of our innovative software and including all important active and passive sourcing elements, will optimally support you in filling your vacancy.

Cost- and
Risk Minimization

Outsource risks, reduce costs, keep a firm eye on the budget, always stay up to date, ensure a professional appearance and make the final decision yourself – be on the safe side with HR Simplex!

Your Benefits
in a Nutshell

Always one step ahead. With HR SIMPLEX you enjoy decisive competitive advantages in the recruitment of new employees. Budget friendly, transparent, personal and highly efficient.

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