Advantages at a glance

With HR SIMPLEX you enjoy decisive competitive advantages in the recruitment of new employees. Budget-friendly, transparent, personal, and highly efficient.


We formulate your requirement-profiles to suitable search parameters with the help of our self-learning algorithm and take over the entire applicant and candidate management. We provide you with a candidate pre-selection at the end of the process chain that reflects the overall perception of the relevant candidate market and is second to none.


Within the framework of the HR SIMPLEX same-day policy, the preparation and insertion of your search queries on the market-leading job portals take place on the same day. Thanks to the extensive inclusion of active sourcing elements on the Xing and LinkedIn platforms and the comparison with our current pool of candidates, the first suitable results can be delivered after just 72 hours.


HR SIMPLEX is a contingent solution. This solution and its associated process enable us to offer recruitment services at significantly reduced rates while maintaining consistent results. Lean, technology-driven processes enable HR SIMPLEX to optimize the recruitment process and translate it into attractive terms. We continue to rely exclusively on partnerships with the market leaders Stepstone, Indeed, Google for Jobs.

More visible

Successful placement management:
As an experienced and established recruitment partner, HR SIMPLEX translates the requirement profiles you define into successful campaigns.

More connected

With established relationships to industry and business as well as a comprehensive network of multipliers, our well-established team of specialists reaches a multitude of new potentials.

More present

Employer branding: As an established HR consulting company, we have high brand appeal, which could be further strengthened by any co-branding insertions. You benefit from a high brand presence and thus further pay into your brand value.

More transparent

The dashboard gives you access to the current project status and suitable candidates in real-time. In addition, you can take lead in the process at any time via the master access and thus individually adapt the further course.

Risk transformation

In the course of a recruitment process, obligations and risks arise; mostly and especially due to reputation. As a value-oriented partner, HR SIMPLEX also takes responsibility for these points.

More sustainable

Upon request, all communication with candidates is accompanied by our recruitment specialists, up to and including contract negotiations between candidates and companies.

More human

Despite the use of sophisticated digital sourcing technology, we continue to rely on human expertise in our recruitment process. Our academically trained experts are in constant communication with all applicants, aspirants and candidates, guiding them through all aspects of this complex triangular relationship and finding the perfect match with the help of self-learning algorithms.

More digital

The entire recruitment process is mapped using our highly developed process software. Our customers do not need a printer or a sheet of paper either. This not only saves time and money but also protects the environment.

More flexible

Customers determine the scope of our service and can track it in real-time via our HR SIMPLEX dashboard. They can intervene the process at any time and define new parameters; the final decision always lies with the client. Both our process and associated application, as well as our team of experts, adapt flexibly to this.

Key Characteristics

Active Sourcing

Find the ideal match using unique sourcing technology. Your Perfect Match – creating competitive advantages through the perfect mix of experience and industry knowledge.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

HR SIMPLEX as a small RPO solution enables even medium-sized companies to outsource HR matters. No company lock-in, cost-saving, efficient and transparent.

The perfect process

HR SIMPLEX – the perfect, digital process – allows you to solve personnel issues in the shortest possible time in a way that fits your needs and is easy on your budget.

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